Is Big Beautiful? A Giant Wishes Review For the Switch

Runi wants respect. She decides to get help from a giant and spread fear (and her legs) in this Giant Wishes Switch review...

These visual novel reviews often start with a disclaimer about how I’m not the biggest fan of the genre and that hentai babylons don’t do anything for me. Let’s not go that route for Giant Wishes. Not only am I into the genre as ‘developing’ my own, but the content made me chuckle.

The press was a bit deceptive, or my interpretation was skewed. I thought the story was about how local florist Runi was fed up with being disrespected by the townsfolk and sought out a giant so she could be turned into one, too. That’s not entirely the case. Her first motivation is to scam some gold from the giant in return for doing up her garden.

Alright, they overlap as the latter is true, but after eating some of the giant’s fruit, Runi develops giant traits. You know what these are; great height, big tits, and sticking adventurers up one’s butthole. Oh, Eastasiasoft, how you corrupt our minds…

Giant Wishes Switch Review - I wanna be like you
I wanna be like you. Source: PR

Giant Wishes Review (Switch)

Poor Runi, nobody takes her seriously. When we begin Giant Wishes, she’s out in the forest and recalls an encounter with the giant in question, Lady Blerog, where she supposedly ate everyone, but Runi got away. The rumours are Lady Blerog has her own garden now, though she is struggling to maintain it. With Runi’s expertise, perhaps she can exchange her skills for something in return?

Initially on the rails (it’s a visual novel), Runi stumbles across a once-in-a-lifetime path to the giant’s castle and breaks in. Lady Blerog understandably isn’t the most welcoming of hosts, but after a brief conversation, she agrees to give Runi some of her prized veggies to make her big and strong in return for attending her lady garden.

Over a series of weeks, Runi starts to grow. Due to the nature of her game, it’s her boobs (obviously) first, then everything else develops in proportion. As one might surmise, the relationship between the two develops, and we’re given a few narrative choices to see how Giant Wishes turns out. Yes, there are multiple endings, including an elusive secret ending.

Giant Wishes Switch Review - Dollhouse KitKat
Dollhouse KitKat. Source: PR

Big Things To Cum

In terms of structure, Giant Wishes is the same as most visual novels, with the option to skip back and forth through dialogue, saving on command, and the freedom to hide the UI to take snaps of the girls to gawp at. There’s a gallery from the menu, in case your hands aren’t free to take the snapshot.

The artwork here is decent, and the text is fun. A little cringe in places, as you’d expect, and talks of squirting and whatnot aren’t the best if you want to play this docked in front of the family. It’s unusual as there is nudity in the game, with the ‘action’ sequences covered up by clouds and soap duds, but in one of the first scenes where we meet Lady Blerog, we get to see her lips. Don’t play this in company.

My only reservation with Giant Wishes would be the length. No, the dialogue and scenes didn’t phase me, and I was thoroughly engaged with the story but surprised when it ended. Repeat plays are encouraged to unlock all the endings and entries in the gallery, but besides that, this isn’t one you’ll likely play over and over.


With that all in mind, I genuinely enjoyed Giant Wishes. Despite its brief playtime, it was entertaining within the context of this type of game. There’s no challenge here other than selecting the correct answers to unlock the secret endings, but it’s fun nevertheless.