Is Anybody There? GhostWire Tokyo Heading To PS5 In 2022

With people mysteriously disappearing in a future Tokyo, a group led by a masked man take ownership, summoning spiritual entities called the Visitors. Here's where you come in...
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If Japan’s on your bucket list as you haven’t been yet, save yourself a few pennies and visit GhostWire Tokyo when it comes to the PS5 in 2022. The downside is you have to deal with all the supernatural drama.

From Tango Gameworks and Bethesda, the game unsurprisingly takes place in Tokyo, where its residents are mysteriously disappearing without any trace. 

GhostWire Tokyo Quick change artist
Quick-change artist. Source: PR

A masked man named Hannya and his acolytes take responsibility, and your job is to take them down using your own super abilities, combining the elements with spiritual power and encountering these summoned Visitors.

Key features in GhostWire Tokyo include:

  • Agile spirits in the form of headless high school students attack in groups, using speed and acrobatics to catch you off-guard 
  • Dolls based off traditional teru teru bozu weather charms that fly through the air, as if hoisted on invisible strings, and shoot fire from a distance 
  • Faceless ghosts that roam rainy environments in funeral attire that can deflect attacks with their umbrella as they approach to strike at close-range 
Sticking around?  Deathloop Out This Week. Deathloop Out This Week. Déjà vu! Déjà vu!

Here’s the trailer:

GhostWire Tokyo will be coming to the PS5, making good use of its own mystical powers lurking underneath the hood. 

If you share this, I'll love you forever (ish)