Ghost Patrol VR Busting Ghosts In VR

Neither for the PC or consoles at the moment, Ghost Patrol VR is coming to an arcade near you.

Don’t deny it, Ghost Patrol VR looks like Luigi’s Mansion, but where it differs dramatically is being a VR exclusive and busting ghosts in a team.

But let’s not stop there as the game boasts free-roam when playing it as a multiplayer game, a spookfest developed by CrazyBunch and produced by Vertigo Arcades.

Armed with Hue Blasters, you and your team enter a vibrant world in Ghost Patrol VR where inanimate objects come to life, and you’re free to zap away as these ghostly villains; the endgame being your assault on the Ghost King.

Ghost Patrol VR - Co-op
I ain’t afraid… Source: PR

Features include:

  • Step into your ghost-busting fantasy through the power of VR!
  • Find your way through a strange, ghostly mansion using your own two feet
  • Match the color of your Hue Blaster to the Color Ghosts and shoot!
  • Charge mysterious orbs to move hallways and activate platforms
  • Beat your friends’ high scores by defeating the most Color Ghosts
  • Work as a team to bust the giant Ghost King!
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Ghost Patrol VR looks like a great title. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Note that this is for the arcades rather than the home, but hopefully, it won’t be long until we get this on the PSVR.