Get Starsand While It’s Hot!

Arriving on a desert planet, you'll have to uncover the mysteries of Starsand, all the while staying alive in this first-person survival game.

Ok, perhaps that’s not the best title for Starsand – the multi-platform survival game available now on PC and consoles, but this ‘pure survival’ game from Tunnel Vision Studio and Toplitz Productions is hot stuff: it’s based on a desert planet.

You play as a nomad, far away from civilisation, exploring the vast desert to survive. As you’ll see in the trailer further down, you’ll die from thirst, hunger, enemies – you name it. Build a base, fortify it, and then explore the oases to keep ticking over that little bit longer.

There’s a mystery to Starsand as well – it’s not just about staying alive but understanding why you arrived here and what the land hides lurking in the abyss…

Check out the trailer for this first-person survival below:

Get this: Starsand is not only on PC, PS5, PS4, and the Xboxes, but you can also get it on the Nintendo Switch! Best of all? It’s out now.

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