Georifters Free Update
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Have you played Georifters from Busy Toaster Games and Leoful yet? You’re in luck if you’re new to the game as the new Georifters update includes even more costumes, a new mode and ability.

Just shy of Halloween, but every day’s a scare day and what with today being Friday the 13th… Each character will have a spooky alternative outfit, including Dr Schnoz getting a makeover with a jack-o-lantern for a head.

As for the new game mode for the Georifters update, this is called Time Challenge, putting players against the clock (in case you hadn’t worked it out) and completing stages as swiftly as possible – similar to some of the stages in the game.

Georifters update - Other punches
Other punches are available (and with spookier costumes). Source: PR

There’s also a Power Punch ability in this new Georifters update that allows you to punch blocks, monsters and your so-called friends. It’s much more powerful than a regular punch, hence Power Punch.

Where can you download the new Georifters update and how much does it cost? It’s an update – it’s free! All this new content is included so if you haven’t played the game for a week or two, boot it up for the new outfits, mode and ability.

You can read up on the Georifters review here, and once you’ve done that, head on over to the Nintendo eShop to purchase/wishlist.

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