Gas Station Simulator Early Days Prologue: Got Gas?

Ever wanted to setup your own garage in the middle of nowhere? Great! Gas Station Simulator Early Days gives you the money and freedom, now get.

When we were kids, we hung out around an old railway track, woods and occasionally the convenience store – never the garage, petrol/gas station. So when I think of a gas station, I think of fuel – why would I get excited about Gas Station Simulator Early Days?

First of all, anyone who’s played any of these simulator games may have raised their eyebrows at some of the most monotonous themes but frequently proven wrong with in-depth and thoroughly engaging gameplay. I’ve often said how titles like Bus Simulator was the catalyst for my interest in the genre.

Gas Station Simulator Early Days - Phil
Phil. Them up. Source: Steam

I assumed you would be serving ungrateful customers pasties, filling up tiny-dicked sports car owners, or checking underage kids with fake ID. Still, Gas Station Simulator Early Days appears to be a House Flipper type game.

The key thing to take away from gameplay is renovation. Based in the US of A, as they have the best movie-like setups (and coincide with this being a Movie Games production – Lust From Beyond and developers Drago Entertainment), you acquire a rundown station and bring it up to speed to start serving your customers.

As word gets out, as in ‘people can see you’re open when passing’, you can begin to customise. Now I’m drooling. So that means gutting it inside and out with custom signage, paint jobs and those big inflatable dancing characters that move with the wind. Well, they better have them, or else.

The Gas Station Simulator Early Days trailer is currently unlisted, so here’s another image.

Gas Station Simulator Early Days - Classic
A classic. Source: Steam

No news on the full title yet (this is the prologue), but you can always wishlist it… and play Gas Station Simulator Early Days in the meantime.