Plant That Seed And Watch It Grow In Garden In!

Dabble with horitculture from the comfort of your own room and a virtual one in the upcoming Garden In!, coming to PC and Switch in 2023.

Finished playing Garden Simulator but still don’t have the garden to tinker in? Why not make a note of Garden In! – an upcoming sandbox gardening game coming to the PC and the Nintendo Switch next year (not long to go).

The first commercial release from Dramatic Iceberg and published by Bonus Stage Publishing (Sunblaze), the game will begin in a room where you get to move furniture around and paint the place so it’s nice and purdy. Wait? What’s with the title, then? Don’t worry; you’ll get to grow lots and lots of plants.

It begins with a packet of seeds, then as you soil, water and feed them, they’ll grow into something… beautiful? As your confidence grows in Garden In! you can combine seeds and increase your seed library(!), becoming one of the most advanced horticulturists in the world.

We started making the game because none of our team was able to keep their plants alive. We then decided we needed to learn some gardening skills, and just like that was the idea for the game born.

Tommaso Verde from Dramatic Iceberg

Have a look-see at the trailer below:

Garden In! is set for release for the PC and Switch in early 2023. Wishlist the game on Steam below.

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