Games That Play Great On The Steam Deck

There's an official list, but pfft! Here's my own ongoing list of Steam Deck playable games with minimum fuss. Will be updated as and when...

Sure, there’s an official selection that Valve has prepared for the Steam Deck, but I wanted to compile a list of those that I’ve played successfully thus far with this rectangle of digital joy. Apologies, Nintendo Switch, but I just can’t help myself.

All of these games are played out of the box; that is, I’ve not adjusted anything and kept everything on factory settings. You may need to tweak based on your own requirements, but hey; I can only write based on my experience and preferences.

In no particular order (and this will be a bastard of a list as it gets updated):

There are some ongoing reviews which will go on here once the games are released, plus I’ll aim to add a few of my favourites, too.

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