Gamer Advantage Range Now In The UK

Need some new gaming goggles? The Gamer Advantage range is now in the UK and you can initially get them on Amazon.

I seldom cover peripherals and accessories but feel inclined to post about Gamer Advantage and their eye wellness and eye protection products. 

Based in North America, the Gamer Advantage range are now shipping in the UK. Why is this important? Because your eyes are important, silly. I don’t doubt for one second you spend too long on a screen – we all do – so you need to protect your eyes.

The first port of call is regular optician appointments (every two years at least), ensuring you take frequent breaks, game in well-lit areas and, here it comes: wear the right gear. 

I don’t think for one second I’ll be getting my hands on a pair of Gamer Advantage’s specs just yet, but they’re now on my radar. As someone who spends a lot of time playing games, writing about games, and my other screen-based personas, my eye health is critical – especially as I suffer from ocular migraines. The CEO gets me…

I have been a gamer my entire life and as a type 1 diabetic for 25 years, I understand the variety of afflictions gamers can suffer from, both short and long term. Our products were designed by people who game and for those who wish to do it for as long as possible. Our products are medical devices, not a novelty pair of glasses you buy on cheaply online.

Bryan Reedy, Founder & CEO of Gamer Advantage

Gunnar was the standard at some point, and while I occasionally use these for driving, I don’t use them for gaming anymore. Maybe the frame is wrong for me, and it doesn’t necessarily block out all that blue light. 

Besides protecting your eyes, the Gamer Advantage range has been proven to improve sleep patterns and reduce eye fatigue by minimising the brightness of monitors and devices. Besides that, they look fabulous too.

My Gunnar’s are decent and much better than some of the cheap frames you can pick up from Amazon. Coincidentally, you can pick up this range in the UK from Amazon now – I’ve just checked!

Anyhoo, do your research yourself as these look excellent. I will most definitely be picking up a pair at some stage and will report my findings in due course.