G String coming to Steam
Source: Steam

G String is an indie cyberpunk FPS currently in development but should be launching soon for Steam.

With a title like this, I was looking forward to something a bit saucy or at the very least, a guitar-based game. Alas, it is neither, but turn that frown upside down as we get to continue cyberpunk Monday!

That’s right; we get a horror title (Carrion from earlier) as well as a cyberpunk game in G String.

G String - Heights
Hope you like heights. Source: Steam

Originally a Half-Life 2 total conversion mod that is now getting released on Steam as a standalone title from lead developer, Eyaura (Twitter account). 

Coming in at approximately 10 hours+ of single-player FPS with a cyberpunk flavour, the game draws its inspiration from the 70s, 80s and 90s sci-fi flicks.

Playing as a Korean girl based on the North American Union whose parents disappeared in the Friday Floods, the government snares you to conduct experiments on your person. Following a fallout from a space battle, the lab is damaged, and you escape.

Here’s a teaser trailer:

The release date for G String is to be confirmed, but an announcement will be made two weeks before release (ideally, it should be in late Summer). In the meantime, follow the progress on the Steam page.

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