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Fury Fight: Gangsters Of City To Kickstart Your 2023

Begin as you mean to go on by ridding the streets of violent criminals… using violence! Fury Fight: Gangsters of City release date confirmed for the Nintendo Switch.

Fury Fight Gangsters of City release date
Source: RedDeer Games

Quite literally kicking off your New Year’s resolutions with a punch in the face (to deserving wrong ‘uns, no doubt), RedDeer Games is kicking it old school with their latest beat ’em upFury Fight: Gangsters of City – coming to the Nintendo Switch in January.

After some violent crime bosses edge their way into the city and take over, three heroes bring them a dose of their own medicine with a proper beatdown. Pick from Boris, Sofia, Harvey and Maria – wait: that’s four heroes! – who have their own unique fighting style, fuelled by doughnuts, ice cream, and cookies. Nobody eats chicken anymore, Streets of Rage 4.

Key features in Fury Fight: Gangsters of City include:

  •  Over 50 varied levels
  •  Combo-type combat system
  •  Unique enemies
  •  Stylized 3D graphics

Other than me uploading it, there’s no live trailer, so have a look at this still:

Fury Fight Gangsters of City - Kick
A kick, yesterday. Source: RedDeer Games

Fury Fight: Gangsters of City will be available for the Nintendo Switch from the 13th of January, so get the cookies in, break a sweat on the ol’ punchbag, and then head into the city for a punch-up.

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