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#Funtime Explosive Colour Attack This July

An arcade colour blaster, #Funtime is out this month on all major consoles and Steam.

This is what it feels like to turn yourself inside out and be exposed to light for the first time. It would be dumbing it down to say #Funtime is an assault on the senses as this game looks chaotic.

In partnership with The Quantum AstrophysicistsOneGuyGames (Twitter link) is launching this twin-stick shooter on consoles and Steam this month.

#Funtime - Colour Mayhem
Look at all dem purdy colours. Source: PR

With bright lights and space fights, #Funtime is a grid-based game with a hint of Asteroids and Tron, but as if someone into cyberpunk hacked it. Despite being incredibly frantic, the theme here is colours: whether it be to get triple points or to adapt to the environment to avoid digital hordes, it serves its purpose.

OneGuyGames isn’t a clever title as this is a one-man-show with Brandon Robinson at the helm. In this game, players will be chasing hi-scores, avoiding damage and interacting with colours in this arcade shooter.

#Funtime features include:

  • 100% Original Soundtrack with beat-synced levels
  • Color swapping mechanics
  • Deep scoring system and persistent upgrades
  • 8 Distinct battle modes
  • Over 50 challenging levels with live leaderboards

Watch the trailer below. Carefully:

Aim for the leaderboard on the 16th July on the Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.

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