In the recent Frog Detective: Entire Mystery review, I did say that I wouldn’t do a walkthrough. But… now the game is officially out, the trophies have been updated, and I’ve since got the Platinum. Do you want it, too? Do you?

Here’s a Frog Detective: Entire Mystery trophy guide. Like you need an excuse to play the game again… Also, if you’ve finished the game and are a bit lazy, you can pick scenes to speed up the process. Then again, it’s so much fun. Why not play again?

The Haunted Island

  • Picked It Up – Collect the magnifying glass for the first time.
  • Tried to Leave – When you arrive at the island, turn around and return to the boat.
  • Hustled Hard – Unmissable: get all the items required for the island inhabitants.
  • Got Spooked – Talk to Finley in the cave.
  • Pick A Winner – Choose a winner for the dance contest (can be anyone).
  • Answered The Call – Keep playing immediately after finishing the case, speak to The Supervisor, and you’ll unlock the trophy.

The Case of the Invisible Wizard

  • Sticky – Easy peasy: decorate your notebook with stickers.
  • Gross – Pick up the pie near the pool and hand it to Victor(?) when they say they’re hungry.
  • Big Spender – When you have at least 3 money from the residents, go to Carlos the Zebra and talk to them. They’ll sell you an exclusive photo, but as you need the money for the quest, Grace will pop up and let you keep it all.
  • Fibber – When confronted by the townfolk, lie to them and say that it was Lola’s nemesis that ruined the parade.
  • Snitch – Confirm that Lola was responsible for the damage to the parade. 
  • Expert Investigator – Ensure you select a suspect in your notebook (it doesn’t matter who), talk to everyone, and unlock all the above and bingo; you should be awarded this trophy.

Corruption at Cowboy County

  • Made it to Town – Show up to work!
  • Haunted Photo – Before handing over Dawn’s photo to Pistol, investigate all the images in the saloon. When you have the haunted pic, give that to Pistol.
  • Graveyard Break In – Hop on your scooter (triangle on PS5) and scoot to the graveyard before completing any tasks. Attempt your way up the mound to the right of the building to unlock it.
  • Bad Room – Story-based trophy where Frog Detective gets sent to jail. Well, it’s not jail, as crime isn’t real.
  • Monkey – Story-based trophy unlocks after the above.
  • Kiss – When in charge of Mysterymonkey, collect the fingerprint powder and head to the door where Lobster Cop makes his first entrance. There are three photos around the door. Use the powder on them repeatedly until they reveal some lips. That’s it.

Ta-daa! You have the Platinum!