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Friday The 13th Killer Puzzle – Did You Forget Today’s Date

Everybody’s favourite hockey/machete combo, Friday The 13th Killer Puzzle finally gets released on PS4.

Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle on PS4
Source: PR

Halloween has come and gone, but it gets real today with Friday The 13th Killer Puzzle – what with it conveniently launched on the PS4 today to cause some mayhem.

Already a hit on Steam, the Switch, Xbox One, mobile and that old Spectrum you have in the attic, or so it would seem, it finally sees the light of day on the PS4 – and for fellow PS5 owners, it’s compatible with the next-gen console too.

According to Blue Wizard, there are well over 17 million players and 2 billion slain campers in this horror puzzle title! They know a bit or two about gaming as the person who started the team, Jason Kapalka, was a co-founder of Plants vs ZombiesBejewelled and Peggle – coincidentally, some of my favourite mobile titles.

Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle - Fall
Fall. Source: PR

For those not in the know, Friday The 13th Killer Puzzle has you playing as Jason Voorhees, ambushing those stupid teenagers and punishing their shenanigans with death.

Jason’s toolkit includes the likes of chainsaws, machetes, using environmental hazards, bear traps and, get this: bubbling acid. But you don’t just cause carnage on the lake, but on the streets of Manhattan, amusement parks and prisons. There’s even a time travel twist…

With well over 150 puzzles to contend with over 12 ‘mind-warping’ episodes, Friday The 13th Killer Puzzle is a must for horror fans and puzzle enthusiasts to join forces for a horror puzzle. Yeah, it’s Friday, I’ve clocked out.

Here’s a trailer:

You can pick up Friday The 13th Killer Puzzle on the PlayStation 4 now. Go on, clear off.

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