Forspoken Out Now? Freyed Not

Frey Holland is a typical 20-year-old New Yorker, that is until she's transported to the land of Athia and learns magic in Forspoken. Dun dun daaaaa!
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It has been Forspoken – a generic title, but not one that should be overlooked as it has Square Enix behind it, and it looks rather good.

Developed by Luminous Productions, you play Frey Holland – a 20-year-old streetwise New Yorker that is magically lifted to the land of Athia. It can’t be all bad. Though it’s a very foreign land with monsters known as the Tantas she has to contend with, she has…magic powers!

Forspoken - Gravity Fall
Gravity = fall. Source: PR

There’s a trailer further down, but it’s worth noting the amount of talent attached to this game, such as the immediate voice talent, through to the music (composers from God of WarThe Walking Dead and BioShock) and writing (writers from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the Uncharted series) – this is going to be epic.

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Let’s cut to the chase without any guesswork – a Forspoken trailer:

Forspoken is coming to the PS5 in Spring 2022.

If you share this, I'll love you forever (ish)