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For The People Politics Gone Mad

A political strategy title with tongue firmly in cheek, For the People comes out this month on Steam.

For the People coming to Steam
Source: Steam

Well, this one looks like a giggle-fest as For the People is a game inspired by the USSR and totalitarianism, and is coming to Steam.

Ignoring the Disney Junior themes, 101XP and Brezg Studios have made a tongue-in-cheek strategy game where you take control as mayor in this political simulation.

As the newly elected mayor, Francis River, in the Commonwealth of Orange Collectives, you have to make endless decisions that could affect the status quo, economically and morally. 

For the People - Budget cuts
Budget cuts, methinks. Source: Steam

Could a politician be immoral? Surely this game is fantasy!

For the People features:

  • Strike a balance between political strength and working towards the nation’s growth.
  • Keep the people happy.
  • Choose allegiances.
  • Resource management; raw materials including fuel and good.
  • The supply of pharmaceutical drugs in a… pandemic.
  • Prevent an uprising.

The topics that For The People addresses are more relevant now than ever.

Olga Makushenko, Managing Director of Premium Games at 101XP

It sounds like a walk in the park. 

Aside from political agendas and managing the town’s resources, you’ll have to keep an eye on crime; instigating investigations where required, which is dictated by the agent assigned’s aptitude and reputation among other things. To say you’re being watched at all times is an understatement.

Check out the trailer below, and make sure you sing along:

For The People is released on PC via Steam. Time to make a wish, it’s out on the 31st of July.

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