Football Cup 2021 Out Today On The Nintendo Switch

A new football game for the Nintendo Switch launches today, Football Cup 2021 be thy name.

Football, football, football: I’m always down for the sport when it comes to gaming, and now the Switch has a new addition: Football Cup 2021, out today and from 7Levels and Inlogic Sports.

With the press material for this title, it wasn’t clear if it was a management game or whether it’s a general football game as it was filled with ‘Fame, money, and glory awaits, but only for those willing to reach it’. 

Judging by the title and footage, Football Cup 2021 seems to be an international game, and the write-up supports that. However, as there’s a Copa del Sur and Champions Cup, I wonder whether you can configure what teams can play. Fictitious clubs? Is this even a news piece, I’m guessing most of it…

Football Cup 2021 features include:

  • Begin your professional career as a soccer player and climb to the very top.
  • Start slow and learn the basic soccer skills in the Basic game mode.
  • Challenge yourself in the Daily Challenges mode, where you’ll be able to stay in good shape with everyday training and climb the ladder of experience at the same time.
  • Become the sensation of the Season. Lead your soccer team through the whole season to league glory.
  • Once ready, enter the Tournament. Try to become a soccer star, conquer other teams, and make soccer history.
  • Make sure the League is just the beginning. Conquer Europa, Copa del Sur, or Champions Cup. Test your soccer skills in tournaments scattered around the world and become famous!

While Football Cup 2021 looks pretty sharp for a Switch game, the trailer could have down with a few more gameplay scenes rather than features:

When’s it out? Did you not read the beginning bit? It’s out today! The jury’s out, so make your own decision as this slipped me by, but if there’s a chance and it can go on the feature list, I’ll let you know.