You Foolish Mortals And Your Point And Clicks!

Get behind point and click adventure Foolish Mortals as it hits Kickstarter this October and one you'll want to check out.

Ack! Get me a towel to wipe away this drool: Foolish Mortals – a merry and macabre point and click adventure from Inklingwood Studios – just got a Kickstarter trailer, and the campaign is on its way.

Treasure hunter Murphy McCallan is on a mission to find the lost treasure of Bellemore Manor. Alas, the place is swarming with ghosts, voodoo, and an evil phantom. Getting a slight hint of Monkey Island? Good! Without regurgitating the info, read it as printed:

As Murphy, you’ll be collecting the ingredients on an old voodoo manuscript, firing the cannons of an old French fort, sneaking into a club for sea captains, getting buried alive, climbing down a wishing well, and lots more as you race an evil phantom to the Bellemore treasure, and discover the terrible secret that connects it to the vanished wedding.

Foolish Mortals is a hand-drawn adventure, taking inspiration not only from the LucasArts classic, but also Broken Sword, and features well over 70 playable scenes. Key features include:

  • Classic adventure game puzzles, carefully crafted to ensure no dead-ends or deaths
  • Over 100 items to pick up and use
  • A full-length experience, with a gameplay time equal to Monkey Island and Broken Sword
  • Over 70 gorgeous hand-drawn locations at full HD resolution, plus dozens more full-screen paintings, documents, and other details to investigate
  • High quality animation from a professional animation studio
  • More than 30 fully voiced characters to interact with
  • Two hours of original music – with the possibility of an interactive song puzzle as a stretch goal!
  • Easy to use two-button interface with double-click exits, optional hotspot highlighting, and a built-in hint system

Here’s that early Foolish Mortals trailer:

You can back Foolish Mortals once the Kickstart campaign begins in October (a demo will be available nearer the time as well). Jump to the page now and get notified nearer the time.