Food Truck Simulator And Aquarist Debut On PlayStation This Week

Both Food Truck Simulator and Aquarist - simulators from Ultimate Games, get releases on the PlayStation this week.

Ultimate Games has just announced (is was actually yesterday), that both Food Truck Simulator and Aquarist will be available on both PlayStations – the former is already available at the time of typing.

Rather than bombard you with key features of both games, let’s settle for a summary of each, with a link to both, as I’ve covered them on PC and the Nintendo Switch.

Food Truck Simulator is precisely what it says in the title: a simulator where you prepare and distribute food (at a price) to the peasants on the streets. Developed by Drago Entertainment, the team behind the excellent Gas Station Simulator, you’ll have a rough idea of what to expect.

Aquarist is another non-deceiving name. In this simulator from FreeMind S.A., you’re in charge of an aquarium store, managing ecosystems of aquatic life and the general public. I wasn’t a fan of the Nintendo Switch version, but perhaps it’s better on PlayStation? Here’s a video:

As stated, Food Truck Simulator on the PlayStation is already out, and Aquarist will be released on April 25, 2024.