Food Truck Empire Is Top Of The Food Chain

Wipe the grease of the grills, it's time to make some dough - the money kind. Food Truck Empire is an upcoming management game for Steam.

Movie Games have food on the brain. First, it was Food Truck Simulator, and now it’s Food Truck Empire – a different game. While food is the focus, in this game by Lichthund and Pixel Crow, it’s the management side of things.

Unlike its simulator counterpart, here it’s about becoming a tycoon; expanding from a humble truck to a vast empire, developing recipes and rising to the top of the food chain. Hah.

Key features in Food Truck Empire include:

  • Build your personalized food truck fleet
  • Design and optimize your recipes and service
  • Experience a dynamic simulated world. Different cities, districts and inhabitants, influencing tastes and preferences
  • Expand your HQ. From a crummy little trailer to a modern office with marketing departments and a fancy garage
  • Crush your competition! Dominate the landscape with your quality and services or simply undercut their prices

The announcement trailer is below:

There isn’t a release date just yet, but you know what that means? Add Food Truck Empire to your wishlist, and when it gets updated, y’know…