Fly Punch Boom!

Fly Punch Boom! Before going any further, before clicking on the link to the trailer, I was sold on the title. Not in the slightest expecting this to be a game about Solitare, this is, in fact, a beat ’em up heading to the Switch and PC.

From Jollypunch GamesFly Punch Boom! is an over-the-top anime-type beat ’em up that features four players battling it out against one another with fatalities that include breaking a planet in half, expect something quite extravagant.

Fly Punch Boom! - Carnage
Looks like a postcard for carnage. Source: PR

The trailer looks good and all, but it’s essentially an intro for a couple of the characters and could be deemed more of a teaser. However, there’s currently a free trial edition on Steam called Fly Punch Boom: First Impact!

Checking out the gameplay video (I’m not a Steamer), Fly Punch Boom! looks a little like Speedrunners mixed in with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and some Dragonball Z for good measure. 

Emphasis again on over-the-top.

As Fly Punch Boom! is currently in development, there’s not too much else to say that isn’t already covered by Jollypunch Games in their features list:

  • Local and online multiplayer, up to 4 players local & 2 online
  • Arcade mode, unlockables and secrets for solo players
  • Destructible stages where everything is a trap and everything is a weapon!
  • Anime super fights with flying smashes, deformed faces and insane special moves
  • 40 stage fatalities: get mauled by cats, break the planet in half, or explode in the moon’s butt!
  • High impact cartoon graphics that zoom from space to a character’s face
  • Kickass anime soundtrack by Giorgiost

No release date has been confirmed, but you can try the Steam trial version now.

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