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R-Type Dimensions EX Switch Preview

R-Type Dimensions EX

My childhood memories are great. In terms of play, I had a good experience of going outdoors and using my imagination (look it up). For the time I was indoors, I played my Amiga. Not a euphemism. One of the very many titles I enjoyed was a shooter entitled R-Type.

Need I even do a background check on R-Type Dimensions EX? This is shoot ’em up royalty and doesn’t require any screening to be with your kids. It made it onto other platforms and had a few sequels, but now it’s on the Nintendo eShop, and I have to say, it’s as good as I remember it.

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Featuring an overhaul on the graphics (which I may add, are actually very good), this version of R-Type is one of those titles where you can play with the original visuals. I tend to opt for that if it’s a game I’m familiar with, but the upgrade is so good that I switched (pun pun) to that. Your vessel and enemies are further polished, but the backgrounds are fantastic, yet don’t distract from the shooting fun.

Unfortunately, it’s only the first level you get to play. As soon as I finished, I wanted more. In that case, the R-Type Dimensions EX demo did its job. There are so many titles I want to add to my library now. It’s not for lacking the funds to do so – a lot of them are on sale (sometimes permanently). I just don’t have any storage space on my memory card. Which reminds me – time to invest in a Switch card that’s double in size!

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Back to R-Type Dimensions EX and I have to recommend this from the demo alone. Whenever you have the chance, download the demo and take it for a spin. If it’s for nostalgic purposes, you won’t be disappointed. I’m hopeful that it brings with it new fans shooters and perhaps the side-scroller in general. Though that’s doubtful – it’s kind of a dying breed.

R-Type Dimensions EX is out now on the Nintendo eShop. If I can upgrade my flux capacitor, I’ll free up some time and buy this. When I do, expect a review.

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