First Class Trouble Alpha Available In May

Currently progressing to an Alpha for PC users is First Class Trouble: a survival game against the AI of a space cruise liner - out late 2020.

We’re all familiar with the luxuries of First Class, right? We’ve seen it on TV. Well, now’s your chance to experience it first hand in First Class Trouble with an Alpha out on the 10th of May.

Invisible Walls have provided us with a catch, however.

You’re not experiencing it as a passenger during a long haul in First Class Trouble, but as one of the remaining survivors of a luxury spaceship when the AI has gone all Skynet and killed everyone by cutting off the oxygen.

First Class Trouble - Future
Welcome…to the FUTURE! Source: PR

Your task is to reset the AI with other surviving players while evading the ships psychotic (if that’s the correct term for AI) robot servants.

To ramp up the challenge further, some of the other survivors in First Class Trouble are robots in disguise.

You can identify Optimus Prime on size alone.

The trailer on the site is a closed Alpha of whiny streamers dropping all sorts of profanities and not what I’d deem promo material – depending on your market.

Instead, here’s another screenshot:

First Class Trouble - Interior design
Not everything can be bought in IKEA. Source: PR

PC users get early access in Q4 2020 and you can find out about the Alpha from the official site, but First Class Trouble will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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