Fireworks Mania Celebrates The 4th July In Style

Fireworks Mania is already one of the best sandbox games out there, now it's even better with added fireworks and a new flat map to co-ordinate your 'sky art'.

A super quick post for Fireworks Mania: it’s had a big update, and included are a host of new fireworks, 4th July decorations for…y’know, the 4th of July and a new map.

The map sounds a little naff as it’s a flat one without anything to see other than the stars. Boring right? Wrong. It’s the perfect setup for when you want a break from filling churches with propane tanks and want to see your glorious repertoire uninterrupted.

Fireworks Mania - Hozier
Hozier. Source: Screen capture

Fireworks Mania, by Laumania, was on the playlist over the weekend and saw this update before the PR. There are quite a few additions in there that are currently locked, so I aim to go back in and unlock them, then perhaps post a video soon.

If you haven’t played it yet, you should check it out. Here’s my Fireworks Mania review. Enjoy…