Firegirl Hack ‘n Splash Rescue Demo

Don't be afraid of the heat, get stuck in with the Firegirl Hack 'n Splash Rescue demo on Steam - the cats are depending on you!

Let’s the games quite literally commence: here’s a Firegirl Hack ‘n Splash Rescue Demo preview – the first from a HUGE pile of Steam Next Fest titles to get through this week.

While coverage is in no particular order, I’m bound to miss some or not have the time to play, so I wanted to ensure that this game, from Dejima and Thunderful, made the cut as it’s one of those on my feature list from a few weeks back.

You play the titular Firegirl as she storms through blazing infernos, putting out flames that wouldn’t look out of place in any of the Ghostbusters movies, and with a visceral arcade feel that is so good, it doesn’t take much to imagine playing this at the arcades.

Firegirl Hack ‘n Splash Rescue Demo

Fortunately, it’s not an arcade exclusive. It will be available on your home system – PC and consoles later this year, and the Firegirl Hack ‘n Splash Rescue demo is highly recommended to try out now if you have a Steam account. Be advised; it’ll be taken down by the 7th of October, so you don’t have long.

Firegirl - My beautiful washing machine
My beautiful washing machine. Source: PR

Other than the obvious, your role is to breathe life into an old, beaten down fire station by saving civilians and their cats, raising awareness, and earning some pennies. It’s a bit like Embr, only not a freelance model. You also don’t need to go looking for work as it’ll come to you.

Each scenario in the Firegirl Hack ‘n Splash Rescue demo features a three-minute timer to get in, put out the flames and perform your rescue. It’s a no-brainer to put out the fires, but they’ll also add a bit of time for you to complete the mission. In all honesty, you don’t want to speed through this as it’s so satisfying putting out the fires, but also doing your best “Here’s, Johnny!” impression.

That’s right, what firefighter would go into battle without an axe? Said axe is used to smash down doors and add a bit more urgency than calling in a locksmith. For some reason, the animation for using the axe is incredibly sluggish. Sure, it’s heavy, but there’s a fire – can we speed things up a bit?

Watered Down

As said, the water element is very satisfying, but water doesn’t grow on trees… you have to fill up quite regularly, and seeing as being a hero is so moreish, you have to pace yourself. More so as the tank also moonlights as a jetpack. While using the right analogue stick (a controller is advised), the right trigger will shoot out the streams, while shooting and pressing jump will propel you into the air, reaching the floors above. Who needs a ladder?

Firegirl here to save the day
Source: PR

Presentation-wise, the Firegirl Hack ‘n Splash Rescue demo is excellent. I may have said in the news piece or in conversation that it’s a bit like Octopath Traveler in the way it fuses 3D with pixel art. The backdrops – as in the starting cityscapes, plus the interiors look great, and there’s a high level of detail when it comes to particle effects and shadows. The art styles of 2D and 3D complement each other.

My anticipation has increased, and looking forward to when this comes out. Firegirl Hack ‘n Splash Rescue will be available on the PS4/5, Xboxeseseses, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) from the 14th of December.

Of course, you could download the Firegirl Hack ‘n Splash Rescue demo now on Steam. If you can, give it a go while it’s hot.