Fate Of Kai Walkthrough

On a roll (the third walkthrough I've done - pfft!), here's a super quick Fate Of Kai walkthrough in case you're stuck on anything.

These walkthroughs are proving to be popular, so straight off the back of the review, here’s a Fate Of Kai walkthrough if you’ve been unable to solve it.

If you haven’t got the game yet(!), you can pick it up on Steam.

There’s a written walkthrough, as well as a video, so use whichever you prefer. It’s a super quick run-through, so the video doesn’t linger on the brilliant artwork – you can do that in your own time!

This Fate Of Kai walkthrough will be straight to the point and for quick reference.

Chapter One: Awakening

Take grab and use it on the chest.

Fate Of Kai - The burden
The burden. Source: Screen capture

Chapter Two: Rock and Clock

Leave as is and scroll to the page to take jump.

Heave back to the rocks and take climb and replace with jump.

Go forward and use climb.

Click on the hourglass and go back into time. 

Swap carry so that the larger character carries the chest. 

Return back to the present day and turn the pages.

Chapter Three: The Gambler’s Amusement

Continue to the hourglass and look through the keyhole.

Turn the pages until you can take chest, then head back to the keyhole page and click the drink, so it spills.

Continue forward and place chest to gamble it.

The hint to this solution is in the reflection, so play any element – i.e. fire to lose each hand. On the third hand, take grass, go back a page and take water, then finally fire.

Without any element in play, scroll forward twice so that the mirror behind the gambler drops down to show their hand.

  • Fire beats grass
  • Grass beats water
  • Water beats fire

Move forward to the next chapter.

Chapter Four: What Citadel Masks

Move forward and take accept.

Keep progressing until the hourglass, click it, then take fight! and replace it with accept.

Go forward one page and back on the hourglass to the present day.

Back one page to the magnifying glass and take follow tune from the guard.

Go back to where Kai is outside where musical notes appear. Use follow tune

Move forward one page, and you can use fight!acceptjump and run to unlock the Persistent Dreamer achievement. This will take a couple of attempts of back and forth, but pretty straightforward.

Fate of Kai Walkthrough - Run
Run! Source: Screen capture

Take back run, then back to outside the city with the musical notes and remove follow tune and use on the guard in the watchtower (via the magnifying glass).

Back to where the guard blocks your path (hourglass to the left) and use run

Forward two pages and give the musician fight!.

Take jump and turn the page, finally jump into the water.

Chapter Five: A Lady In Stone

Take inspect (I’ll give you the directions you need).

Navigate to the first fork and do the following directions (turning the page):

Left, left, right, left, right

Move right and take pull out.

Continue turning the page right until you get to the fork in the road again.

This time:

Left, right, left, left, right

Use inspect, move forward, then pull out.

Flip all the way to the right until you are at the fork once more:

Left, left, right, left,right

Then continue to the next chapter.

Chapter Six: Work Experience

Move forward and let time run out and move the pages forward.

When you get to holding the chest, click it once.

You’ll be in a room of corridors. 

Let the pages automatically turn and take open before you go through the door. Repeat this three times.

On the fourth door, read the comments and return to the mining section.

For the Sherlock Kai achievement, all you need to do is go through each of these rooms to read the comics. It takes a couple of minutes; just remember to put open on the door you want to enter, then remove it once you’ve been there. There are four rooms in total. 

Fate Of Kai - Mine craft
Mine…craft. Source: Screen capture

On the mining section, you need to hit the right colours until the clock gets halfway around. When the clock is halfway through, you need to switch the colours.

For the first half of the clock, click any colours that are dark brownblue and green.

When the long hand reaches halfway, the colours you need to click are purplered and orange/amber.

If you make a mistake or don’t do anything, you’ll need to wait until time passes and repeat the action.

Once the shift is complete, use open on the gift.

When back on the job, don’t do anything and wait until you’re in the corridor of doors.

Take open on the fourth door, and proceed through the final door to obtain the sword and move forward.

Chapter Seven: The Castle Of Self

Proceed all the way until you reach the hourglass. Click it and take look out!.

Return to the present day and head back to the scene where Kai is in the air with the chest. Use look out!

Move forward and take accept, back to look out! to take that, then all the way to the panel with open.

Take open and replace it with look out!

Keep scrolling until you get to a broken mirror and use open.

Move forward and take the duplicate open, back one and take the other open.

Move back to the panel where Kai is holding the sword at the shadow’s neck and use accept.

Turn the page so you are outside the door and use open for both Kai and the shadow.

Boom. You’re done.

The achievements unlock naturally through the game, but the last three: Persistent DreamerSherlock Kai and Fan of Kai can be done after finishing if you like. The first two are as above, and the final one you’re awarded when you replay the game.

I hope it helped!