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Fata Deum Gives Back The Power To The Gods

If your heritage is Peter Molyneux games, you’ll be excited to hear Fata Deum is an upcoming god game coming to Steam in the mould of the classic god games of old.

From 42 Bits Entertainment, Fata Deum had a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising $70,000 and taking two years of development. As the game progresses, an Early Access will be released for feedback from fans.

Fata Deum is a classic god simulator where you build settlements and compete with other gods for influence – a bit like Black & White. As your followers grow, so too does the power you wield and mana capability.

Fata Deum - Tavern
Meet the locals. Source: Steam

Key features to expect in the game include:

  • Conquer or convince – During the day, use your influence on the mortals. Will you bless and inspire them onto good work, or strike fear into their hearts with terrifying visions? But be wary, the townsfolk have their own free will. At night, you can manipulate settlements. Instruct the mortals to build you mighty temples for worship, farms and lumber mills so that they may prosper, or even to ruin other villages.
  • Frighten or foster – Perhaps you’d like to be a tyrant, ruling over a kingdom of debauchery and blood. Raise an army and sacrifice your mortals to summon terrifying demons. Your choice. Or maybe you do believe in fun, festivities and spreading the love, but have no qualms weakening your enemies by spreading fear – or just hitting them with a Thunderstrike. 
  • Shape a living world – As your influence grows, the living world will shape around it, getting ever vaster. Each god manifests their kingdom differently. Will yours be a kingdom of crops and light, or twisted trees and glowering darkness? You’ll battle gods of Violence, Deceit, Fertility and Pleasure.
  • Experience your story – Play a young god rising to glory in campaign mode, which is full of curious and revealing challenges set to an engaging narrative.

Here’s the Fata Deum trailer:

The full game is out in 2021 for Steam – bookmark the page now for when an Early Access is announced.

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