Farming Life Is The Life. Coming To Steam This Month

Leave the city behind and start your own crops with all the lil' animals in Farming Life - coming to Steam this month.

When I think of farming, it’s no longer combine harvesters and George Orwell, but grinding in a game for better loot. Video games are corrupt. But, on a positive spin, upcoming Farming Life takes us back to agricultural roots with actual farming.

Thanks to games like Stardew Valley, more and more gamers have been bitten by the rural way of life, so Pyramid Games, Gaming Factory and Ultimate Games have joined forces, yelled “TYRANNOSAURUS!” and morphed into a farming sim, just for you.

Farming Life - Cropped
Cropped. Source: Steam

Tired of corporate life, you pack it all in and shout nuts to the city and build your own farm. No ‘grandpa left you a farm’ nonsense; you simply set up shop in Farming Life by building village houses, sheds and granaries, then start planting your crops. Actually, your grandpa may have left you the farm. I’ll let you know in the review.

Besides planting your 5-a-day, you also get to take care of the animals – from cows to chickens, horses to ostriches(!). There are even geese, but keep an eye on them as they’re notorious mischief-makers. The videos for the game are a bit hit and miss and going for the Benny Hill style of ‘comedy’. I doubt it’s as frantic as this, but all will be revealed soon.

Farming Life is coming to Steam and will be available from the 18th of October. Wishlist it using the link below, or manually search for it. I just put it there to save you the hassle.