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Fantasy Strike Opens Online Play For Free

There are no excuses to play Fantasy Strike as it’s currently free-to-play on almost all platforms.

Fantasy Strike has been on my wishlist for a while now. As this is a game for me, it’s taken a backseat to review titles, but also because of the relatively high price.

For a little unknown title, despite its impressive appearance, it wasn’t something I wanted to risk until at least on offer. It never was. Until now, and instead of a discount, it’s free-to-play.

Fantasy Strike - Slam
Negotiations have failed. Source: Steam

While relatively unknown, the game is a passion project from David Sirlin, where only today did I find out that he was the lead designer in Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and a professional fighting competitor (gaming, not MMA).

In Fantasy Strike, other than having access to all the existing characters without any sort of grinding, two additional characters have been added to the roster, as well as updates to the animation of existing fighters.

New players get an online experience in casual and ranked modes, as well as a spectator mode to hone your skills or watch in awe at the pros. 

There’s a core pack in the game that offers local Versus mode, online matches against mates, Boss Rush mode, Survival and Arcade mode. This is a perfect opportunity to try out the game, and at the very least experience online play.

We worked tirelessly to find a way to maintain the competitive integrity of Fantasy Strike that our existing players love while opening it up to an even broader audience

David Sirlin, game director, Fantasy Strike

Check out the fight action here:

Fantasy Strike is available to play on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Mac and Linux! I’ll be giving it a go and will report my findings here.

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