Fantasy of Expedition Ventures On To Steam Early Access Next Week

Fantasy of Expedition hits Early Access shelves on the 14th of September 2020, secure your copy now...

Fantasy of Expedition is out next week on Steam Early Access, a strategy RPG rogue-like, if you will, from Bottle Milk Studio.

It’s a rogue-like strategy where you build a team of warriors and priests to rid the land of Damons. Sorry, demons. Sorry, Damo. Each new playthrough offers a new and fresh approach with a variety of power-ups to boot.

As you’re commanding a team, you’ll need to manage their formation, preferably playing the long ball… of death, and ensuring that you use each unit’s skill wisely in a series of chaotic skirmishes.

Fantasy of Expedition - Go team
Go team! Source: PR

Here’s a fresh gameplay trailer:

Pick up your copy Early Access edition of Fantasy of Expedition today the 14th of September from Steam.

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