Exo Rally Championship Is The Most Dangerous Off-Road Racing In The Galaxy

Time to head off-world for some gravity-defying racing. Exo Rally Championship is in development and set for a release in 2024.

Exo One was an absolute corker, and now Exbleative will continue that success in the upcoming Exo Rally Championship – coming to a PC near you. In 2024.

Published by Future Friends Games, this off-road racer is the most dangerous in the galaxy, conquering alien landscapes through procedurally-generated tracks, ‘hardware-breaking weather’ and that old favourite, gravity.

As Jay Weston, creator of Exo Rally Championship says, “Every aspect of the planet is materially affecting your rover and your time, pushing you dangerously close to the limit”. It sounds brutal!

Other features include:

  • Wild, untamed planets, fierce weather, hardware breaking temperatures and winds, otherworldly terrain formations and no roads in sight
  • Hardcore off-road physics simulation, realistic tire models, drive-trains, suspension and damage
  • Fuel-limited RCS-style thrusters for jumping, landing, air control and more to help manage treacherous and ‘truly off-road’ environments. 
  • Procedurally generated planets and stages mean no playthrough is the same
  • A rich career mode based on real-world rally, Baja, and Dakar events 
  • Progress through racing teams, rising from back-of-the-pack strugglers to compete with the best of the best for the Exo Rally Championship title
  • A deep management layer that allows you to customize, tune, and repair your rover
  • Share seeds with friends to generate the same stages and compete for the best times

Check out an early reveal trailer below:

Sorry folks, Exo Rally Championship isn’t out until 2024. Of course, you could wishlist it now, and in the meantime, go play Exo One.