Estranged The Departure
Source: PR

Due for release later this year, Estranged The Departure is a first-person adventure game heading to the Switch, then later on the Xbox One.

A six-year development process, this is the follow up to developer Alan Edwardes Half-Life 2 mod, Estranged: Act I – a game with 93% positive reviews at the time of writing.

Despite being a follow-up, Estranged The Departure is a self-contained story that is independent of the original. Telling the story of a lone fisherman stranded on an island after a storm, it’s just job to help him escape.

Estranged The Departure - FPS
FPS elements. Source: PR

A mysterious inhabited island, players can expect to tackle many puzzles and unravel a decades-old mystery along the way, that appears to be narrative-driven.

Key features include:

  • Experience the unique first person adventure
  • Immerse yourself in the rich narrative and unique characters
  • Interact with items, computers and audio logs for environmental storytelling
  • Protect yourself with guns and melee weapons, with familiar shooter combat

Check out the trailer below:

Expect to see the game on the Nintendo Switch in Q4, with the Xbox One following up in due course. Alternatively, you can pick it up now for Steam.

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