Epifrog – The Spawning Of A New Hero

The Mud God has brought chaos to the magic pond, so you, Epifrog, must protect the village this August on Steam. No reSPAWN jokes, thank you.

Epifrog would feel a bit flat if it wasn’t epic. Thankfully it is: it’s in the name. Out from August on PC, this 2.5D survival game finally retires that overrated Muppet, Kermit.

So what’s the deal? The Mud God has gone nuts and unleashed a plague of giant werewolves and poisonous spiders on your frog village, so you must use your magic, as Epifrog, to protect the magic pond of tadpoles.

Epifrog - 3 is the magic number
3 is the magic number. Source: Steam

It sounds a little lame just from these words, but this upcoming title from Adria Games looks amusing, and the visuals are really nice – like an animated picturebook. Of frogs.

I’m not entirely sure if this is real-time battling or turn-based, as you have the options to fortify your bases, upgrade and even command a defensive team. There’s not long to wait, though, and no doubt more info will be fed through soon.

Here’s a trailer:

Epifrog is scheduled to release on Steam on the 31st August 2021, so add to your wishlist for future updates.