Enoch: Children Of Fate Might Be A Generational Thing…

Six characters unexpectedly meet in a devious hand played by fate in upcoming sci-fi point and click adventure, Enoch: Children of Fate.

Here’s another X-related post about an upcoming point and click adventure: Enoch: Children of Fate, by Evil Pug Games, is a sci-fi noir adventure that will be coming to your screen sometime soon. A playable demo is available now on Steam.

Wait—what’s it about? Set in 2279, you get to play six playable characters, and ‘a complex web of overlapping storylines’ brings them all together—the catalysts most likely being the gangs that rule Enoch, humanity’s last bastion.

Two detectives, a pair of wealthy brothers, a missing girl and a killer all find themselves linked somehow in this pixel art-based adventure. Enoch: Children of Fate is giving off The Sundew vibe, which is high praise, indeed.

Again, there isn’t a release date for Enoch: Children of Fate as yet, but you can play the playable demo on Steam now. A link is below at no cost to you; just your children’s children will owe mine a quid.