Ember Knights Unite To Restore The Sacred Flame

A throwback to The Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana in this modern rogue-lite RPG, Ember Knights. Featuring co-op play, and how.

After the fun of Rogue Heroes, another venture into rogue-lite dungeon crawling, but this time with Ember Knights looks like it’s on the cards. Especially when there’s a demo available on Steam.

A co-op hack and slash, Ember Knights has all the hallmarks of a Secret of Mana type game in terms of gameplay and aesthetic, but the added vantage of this being – whatever year it is, this title from Tiny Titans Games is an online co-op.

Ember Knights - Sigourney
Sigourney. Source: Steam

From the lore, it appears that Praxis, the caretake of Nexus, has gone quite mad and sent their armies to conquer the known worlds. The folk of Nexus are having none of this, so have enlisted the Ember Knights to restore order, notably the sacred Flame, thus sorting out this wrong ‘un.

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Key features in the game include:

  • Play with friends. Available in local and online co-op for 1-4 players, Ember Knights is best enjoyed with a friend! With different builds, find new and unique synergies within your team. If a teammate falls in battle, continue fighting to reignite their flame and bring them back into the fight. Please note, multiplayer for the Combat Demo is available via Steam’s Remote Play. Early Access will include full online support.
  • Intense combat. Smooth movement and tight controls allow you to execute powerful weapon, ability and spell combinations. Discover rare relics to suit your play style. Overcome unique enemy behaviors with quick timing and strategy. Master the versatility of the jump/roll for both offensive and defensive use.
  • No two runs alike. Carefully crafted rooms are intelligently assembled to build each procedurally-generated world. As you progress through different floors, you’ll encounter new enemies and secret rooms to keep you guessing at every turn.
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Have a look for yourself at the Ember Knights trailer:

An Ember Knights demo is currently available on Steam that showcases spells and the Sword and Furious Charge ability. Don’t let me spoil the surprise, go download and see for yourself, or lookout for the write-up once I’ve had a chance to play.

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