Creepy Tale on the Switch this week
Source: PR

Creepy Tale is out this month on the Nintendo Switch – a game of puzzles, hiding in the shadows and downright spookiness.

There’s definitely a pattern with Monday’s being scary in the gaming industry, as each week I’m putting out some sort news piece on a horror title – whether it’s on consoles or PC.

Today’s game is Creepy Tale – a game by No Gravity Games and Deqaf Studio where you embark on a quest to locate your brother while solving the puzzles in the ominous woods.

Creepy Tale - Vignette
The classic vignette. Source: PR

A once tranquil forest, now a place of fear and the only way out is through uncovering the mysteries while engaging your grey matter.

Creepy Tale’s spooky features include:

  • Unique puzzles with unusual solutions.
  • Elements of a classic quest: collect items and use them in a wide variety of cases.
  • Hide, run away, jump high, lure, distract, and even… learn to play the reedpipe!
  • A unique and beautiful 2D art will take you to a dark tale and will send shivers down your spine.
  • The surreal audio design matches the otherworldly story and gameplay.

Here are some moving images:

Out this week, the 10th of July, you can get 20% off or a whopping 50% if you already own a No Gravity Games title (if you need any suggestions, I recommend Alder’s Blood).

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