Get The Sparky In For Free As Electrician Simulator – First Shock Prologue Is Out

The best way to tinker with the electrics without getting a shock - and for free - Electrician Simulator - First Shock Prologue out now.

Alright, so Electrician Simulator – First Shock prologue is here. It’s free, and it’s on Steam now. Forgive me for a weak post as I’m reserving my enthusiasm for experiencing it.

From Ultimate Games and Gaming Factory, electrical enthusiasts, or those who are simply curious, can tinker with light bulbs, assemble sockets, general electrical repairs and above all else – avoid getting electrocuted.

Key features in Electrician Simulator – First Shock prologue includes:

  • Laying cables
  • Switching fuses on and off
  • Fixing devices on the workbench
  • Completing errands in both fully lit and completely dark locations

Here’s the electrifying trailer:

If you’re struggling, Electrician Simulator – First Shock is out now. I’ve already said that. I’ll report my findings, if you’re interested, in the next couple of days.