El Paso Elsewhere, A Max Payne-Inspired Shooter Coming In 2022

Reconnect with Draculae, Lord of the Vampires, only take him out Max Payne style in upcoming shooter El Paso Elsewhere - coming to Steam 2022.
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El Paso Elsewhere. Not the same catchy title as Max Payne, but you’ll likely remember it as it’s a potential spiritual successor to the franchise, only a supernatural neo-noir third-person shooter.

From Strange Scaffold, you will be hunting down werewolves, fallen angels and other damned creatures in a glorious slow-motion environment. Draculae is on a rampage, and it’s your job to ‘destroy the villain you loved–even if it means dying yourself’.

El Paso Elsewhere - Stop, or my mom will shoot
Stop, or my mom will shoot! Source: Steam

There’s a connection then with the lord of the vampires, as you rescue hostages from their potential demise, taking werewolf claws to the chest?!

Sticking around?  Sir You Are Being Hunted. Shall I Fetch Your Stealth Jacket?

Key features in El Paso Elsewhere include:

  • Features a fully-voiced neo-noir story campaign set in a reality-shifting motel full of monsters.
  • Levels filled with hordes of destructible physics objects; for shooting.
  • Wide arsenal of weaponry, including molotov cocktails filled with holy blue flame.
  • More slow-motion dives than you would think it is humanly possible to fit into a single video game.
  • Original hip-hop soundtrack.

Have a peek at the trailer. I’m getting a scent of Shadowman, too:

Alas, El Paso Elsewhere won’t be available until 2022, but has been announced on the Guerilla Collective 2 E3 showcase.

If you share this, I'll love you forever (ish)