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El Gancho Swinging Onto Consoles

Fight off the Pogovon Empire as the last free coco and save your people, destroy the super weapons, and swing in style. El Gancho is out for consoles.

El Gancho Release Date
Source: Eastasiasoft

A swinging game that’s not remotely rude, El Gancho is Eastasiasoft’s latest action platformer where you move around each level with an experimental laser-hook.

Developed by Casiopea Wave, the story is set in the same universe as Task Force Kampas. After being invaded by the Pogovon Empire, you play as a coco who sets out to rescue their fellow people from their oppressors.

Your coco must seek out and destroy the imperial super weapons, but more importantly, save their friends. El Gancho is a procedurally generated platformer. Some of the level designs look like Lemmings. Woot! But it isn’t that kind of game…

See for yourself:

El Gancho is out now on the Switch, PS4/5, and Xboxeseses priced at US $6.99/€6.99, plus an additional 20% launch discount in select regions.

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