Eggy Preview: Future Smash Hit?

Who wouldn't want to be an egg? If that's not you, forget about playing Eggy - a platform game out next month on Steam. Here's some words on the demo.

Maybe you had an old school friend named Eggy, an allergy to eggs, or a fan of egg puns like the racing title Eggcelerate!, upcoming physics-based platformer Eggy is undoubtedly one to watch.

Before you go and spend a fortune on that character evaluation by that expensive private doctor who claims they have an office in New York, Paris, London and Delaware, save the pennies and find out a lot about yourself by playing this game.

I’ve never played it, but on the rare occasion that I’ve watched a gaming stream, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, as played by Markiplier was a highlight. Eggy is a bit like that, from what I can surmise, but I had a ball with this game and can’t wait for it to hatch.

By the way, I couldn’t remember the name of that game, but ‘man in pot Steam game’ was a good guess on Google.

Eggy Preview

What’s there to be said about a beautifully shaped ovum? Surprisingly, there is a goal other than ‘get to the end’ – you need to find Eggy’s mum.

Eggy Preview - Crystal Maze
Crystal Maze. Source: Steam

Eggy is void of any cute faces or dungarees – it’s an egg. To move them about, you drag the mouse in the opposite direction you wish to go, release, and hope that nature gets you to your destination. The only nature here being the 2.5D environments – no wind.

It took less than a minute to learn how to play the game, but naturally, an age to master as you have to time your bounces, perhaps rebound off a rock to reach a platform, or release (steady!) just in time to land on a lift. You can even plan your trajectory mid-air, but gravity is planning otherwise. 

No Yolk

No egg-based game can go without some puns, but Eggy isn’t a jolly where you bounce through each section with ease. The Steam page says you need to roll and bounce, but it doesn’t say you’re invincible. You’re an egg.

Fall from a significant height or smash into a rock, and Eggy will, y’know, smash. In the demo, it’s only one stage, but enough to get a taste of what to expect from the full game. One of the features on offer was the checkpoint, so you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch. That said, killing yourself on purpose to respawn is harder than you can imagine.

I loved every minute of Eggy. While it wasn’t a speedrun by any stretch of the imagination, my experience was stress-free, and I enjoyed all the mistakes and happy accidents without one moment of rage. Ask me again when the full game comes out, as I expect to crack by then. Geddit?

Below is me ballsing up a first attempt, but heck, I managed to finish it. The game, from Glenn Verheij is on Steam from the 21st July 2021.