Edna and Harvey The Breakout Out Now

Over 10 years she's tried to escape, now it's on console: Edna and Harvey the Breakout, out now!

Edna and Harvey the Breakout – The Anniversary Edition is the full title of this remastered PC classic, but let’s drop the end bit to make this a bit more readable.

Edna and Harvey the Breakout is out now on consoles and has been completely overhauled with hand-drawn graphics to pay homage to the original. Much like the Day of the Tentacle Remastered, you can switch between the sparkly HD visuals or the original pixelated ones.

I’m not familiar with the characters, but I’m a big fan of Daedalic Entertainment, having recently acquired the complete series of Deponia on the PS4, steadily playing through and enjoying it immensely.

Edna and Harvey the Breakout - Architect
Neo finally met the Architect. Source: PR

According to the classified folder in front of me, Edna has been trying to escape from a mental institution but proves to be a problem with her acute memory loss, if finding it difficult. However, she’s accompanied by her cloth bunny, Harvey, to get through it the ordeal.

They should make a film about Edna and Harvey the Breakout. Oh, wait – there’s something similar! Harvey featuring Jimmy Stewart and one of my all-time favourite films, Donnie Darko.

Featuring offbeat humour, the game is swarming with ‘fiendishly abstract puzzles and the usual pop-culture peccadilloes’. The latter isn’t anything derogative.

Edna and Harvey the Breakout has the following features:

  • The award-winning story and puzzle design of the original for the first time for console players
  • 20+ hours of adventurous gaming fun
  • Unique comic style, with beautiful cel-shaded visuals
  • Loads of crazy characters (each with their own droll dialogues)
  • Switch between original and modern HD graphics at any time
  • Improved control mechanics and user interface for console

Want to see some pretty moving pictures?

Available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, Edna and Harvey the Breakout is out now, and a title I’ll be looking at reviewing in due course.

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