Dustoff Z Hardcore Zombie Chopper Rescue Mission

Time for an upgrade to the zombie model, DUSTOFF Z is a search and rescue chopper game.

Coming to consoles and the PC, Dustoff Z is a helicopter on a rescue (and rampage) mission to save folk from the undead.

I grow tired of zombie games and look forward to the day (of the dead) when interest wanes, and people realise that you can have a real-life zombie experience by going to the supermarket.

But… Invictus Games and Zordix Publishing mind-reading skills are truly firing on all cylinders as they’ve heard me and the five other people tired of zombie games and put a spin on it. Literally.

Dustoff Z - Not Godzilla
Not Godzilla. Source: PR

We’ve had plenty of cars with the likes of Carmageddon and Zombie Driver HD; now it’s time to take out your chopper in Dustoff Z – a helicopter search and rescue combat title.

With civilisation on the verge of extinction, a police helicopter crew, perhaps fans of Macgyver, salvage broken parts to wield flying monstrosities equipped with zombie-bashing weapons ranging from rocket launchers to tesla coils.

While you pilot the chopper, operating the winch to reel in the latest supplies and upgrades, you also have to hire a shooter to keep back the hordes of the undead.

With sharper blades than the best a man can get, here’s some heli action:

Dustoff Z is coming to the Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC this autumn (2020).

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