Dust & Neon To Launch On PC And Switch

Cyber cowboys to meet and greet the PC and Switch in early 2023. Dust & Neon, a rogue-lite twin-stick shooter is coming soon.

There’s always room for another twin-stick shooter, especially when it’s one set in the Wild West with a little hint of cyber cowboys? Dust & Neon will release on PC and the Nintendo Switch in early 2023 – the new year is only a few days away!

Developed by David Marquardt Studios and published by Rogue Games, this rogue-lite shooter-looter is set in a post-apocalyptic world with plenty of loot (duh), and RPG progression. Choose from thousands(!) of revolvers, shotguns and rifles, upgrades and unlockable abilities.

A gameplay video was recently released, but check out the announcement trailer first:


Dust & Neon will arrive on Steam, Epic Games Store, and the Nintendo Switch in early 2023. When that date is confirmed, the Kraken will be released.