Dubai Builder? [insert camp scoff], ssshyeah, right… That’s me trying to pretend to be indifferent, but actually, this upcoming strategy from Games Incubator will be the next thing on the planning permissions list.

The current Sheikh has asked you to oversee developments in the city, and with a modest budget (you know it’s the equivalent of a small country), you get access to the wavefront and manage funds, improve the quality of life for the residents, and pull in more tourists.

Dubai is a beautiful place. If I hadn’t moved out to Japan, it would be my number one place to be in the world, but we may all need a reality check. As luxurious as it is, you’re essentially building in a desert and that brings extreme climatic conditions and resource scarcity. Dubai Builder won’t be a cosy little sim, though it does mention ‘chill’ in the description…

Check out the announcement trailer:

Dubai Builder is scheduled for a Steam release. Wishlist it, innit.