All A-Board Driftwood, Coming To Early Access

Who said the sloth was lackadaisical? Prove them wrong in longboarding Early Access title, Driftwood - available next month.

See what I did there? Driftwood is a longboarding game made by Stoked Sloth Interactive and played on the ‘board’ thing. Clever, ain’t it? I’m not seeking your approval; just padding out this intro to set up the next paragraph.

Designed by the two-person development team, you play as Eddy, the sloth, hailing down high-speed slopes on your longboard, finding the perfect balance, speed, and control. There’s no campaign in the game, but lots of speeding, customisation options and online leaderboard bragging rights.

Driftwood is going to be an Early Access release initially. Here are some of the key features:

  • Dream of skating as a sloth? Look no further – Driftwood lets you enjoy flowy longboarding as Eddy, who will acquire new boards, wheels, and clothes that will enhance the experience. 
  • Race through beautiful scenery with vibey tunes as the backdrop. Focus on vibes and tricks – Driftwood has no story campaign or obligations. 
  • Immerse yourself in a contained world – Driftwood is not an open-world game; it’s a focused, minimalist experience. 
  • Fun in solo or competitive – Driftwood allows you to skate on your own, beat personal challenges, and reach new milestones, or compare your runs in local and online leaderboards.
  • Travel to newly unlocked tracks with your van – Driftwood has several locations for you to skate and drift to your heart’s content.

And a trailer?

Pick up Driftwood Early Access from all good Steam stockists, a.k.a. Steam. There’s a link to the store below to save your digits.