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A new beemer update, Drift21’s Early Access just got more exciting – available on Steam now for a 33% discount.

If someone called me a drifter, I wouldn’t see that as a war dodger, but someone who likes to caress the contours of the streets with glorious skidmarks that would make Ken Block weep. Am I drifter? Hell yeah.

One of the biggest issues with drifting is a game is usually the balance of controls. Need for Speed Payback was a standout drift title, from my orange box, but it wasn’t a dedicated title. 

Drift21 - Beemer
Hell yeah, a beemer. Source: PR

Next up would be Inertial Drift. I can’t say any more on that at the moment, but you can read the preview here.

So what else is on the horizon? Drift21 is backed by uber publisher 505 Games and developed by ECC Games S.A. It’s a dedicated drift racing title that’s in Early Access with a multitude of licensed vehicles. YES!

In the latest update, the BMW E46 has been added to the roster which has built-in presets or customisation options for a 1000 horsepower beast. Take that, Toyota Supra, cira Gran Turismo on the PlayStation.

Here’s a trailer:

Want some insider information? Drift21 is out now in Early Access on Steam with a 33% discount until the 8th of September. Say what? If you want to be the next DK, better invest…

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