Dreamscaper Gets First Major Update

After listening to the community, Afterburner Studios have made the first major Dreamscaper update with plenty of improvements, balancing and fixes.

A title reviewed here many moons back on the PC, now available on console, Dreamscaper has received its first major update, based on the community’s feedback.

A game developed by Afterburner Studios, formed by a small team who quit their day jobs to pursue Cassidy’s adventure, the game has garnered some great feedback, currently sitting on ‘very positive’ on Steam at the time of writing.

In Dreamscaper 1.1, the list of improvements and balance changes is pretty long – the team care what their community think of the game and have adjusted accordingly.

Dreamscaper - Shop til you wake
Shop til you wake. Source: Steam

Some improvements include a checkbox to skip the boss cutscenes (how many of us have had to repeat again and again?), updates on the HUD such as current mastery level, no guesswork with the Puzzle of Revelation and much more.

Balances to the game have been made as well, and this too is a list as long as your arm, if you’re Shaq. And, perhaps more importantly, depending on your stance, multiple bug fixes include sorting out the leech effect, typos (if they bother you), and you can no longer walk up the table/couch in Cassidy’s apartment. 

For a complete list of the improvements and fixes, you can see it in full here.

If you’re reading this and don’t know what Dreamscaper is, besides the review link at the top, check out an earlier trailer:

Dreamscaper is available on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) and Nintendo Switch.