Dreamo Is A Dreamy Puzzler Heading To The Switch This Month (Yeah, Lazy Title)

Heading to the Switch this month, Dreamo - a fully-voice first-person puzzle adventure.

Dreamo of a decent puzzle game on the Switch. Oh wait, look how clever I am; Dreamo is a puzzle title available mid-November of the illustrious Nintendo.

From Hypnotic Ants, this puzzle game has honed in on the elements found in other titles such as The WitnessBaba Is You and Fez to name a few. You’ll note that they’re all excellent titles, so hopefully good company.

Published by Pineapple Works, you play lone plane survivor Jack – a scientist. He has lost his memory and receiving a revolutionary treatment that delves into his subconscious to repair his memories.

Dreamo - In your dreams
In your dreams… Source: Steam

He works alongside Dr Tara Reid (of American Pie fame?), solving complicated puzzles the further down they go into his mind. He clearly is an important asset, considering the trouble they’re going to…

Key features include:

  • First-person puzzle-adventure game
  • Dozens of individually designed, challenging 3D puzzles with moving components and a variety of modifiers
  • Challenge Mode – for players seeking to put their skills to the test
  • Fully voiced narration
  • Relaxing gameplay formula
  • Expanding dreamscape
  • Low polygon environment with vibrant colors
  • An engaging three-chapter storyline that explores themes of memory, choice, and consequence

Here are the moving images:

Dreamo is out for the Nintendo Switch on the 19th of November, with pre-orders available now.