Dread Templar Blasts Demons Old School This Autumn

An old school FPS with a modern twist, Dread Templar is coming to Early Access late in 2021 and looks awesome.

Recalling Doom isn’t a skill as it’s been revived so many times. How about Quake when NIN did the score and having a Pentium II was rare, or Hexen (before the N64 released it) changed things up with magic? You weren’t there, man. Fortunately, Dread Templar gives you the chance to be there from the start.

An old school FPS, it’s scheduled to release in 2022, but an Early Access should be available by autumn time. Retro games are all the rage these days, and the classic FPS is getting the limelight once more.

Dread Templar - Local
Local. Source: Steam

Fortunately then, Dread Templar is being published by 1C Entertainment, who were also involved in the superb Ion Fury. Developed by T19 games, we’re in safe, trigger-happy, hands.

Featuring bullet time and action from the glory days, players can expect old school rules with a modern twist. Locate hidden weapons and upgrades, Dread Powers and katanas – it’s all here.

Key features in Dread Templar include:

  • Dread Templar uses elements from both modern retro FPS and classic shooters such as fast-paced gameplay, dashing, headshots and bullet time so you can enjoy the old-school shooting games in a modern way!
  • Customize your weapon skills to fit your own playstyle and fight against the demon hordes
  • More than 10 types of weapons in the game including katana swords, firearms and infernal guns!
  • Explore side areas and secret places, solve interesting puzzles and get rewards
  • Handmade retro art style – all elements in the game including weapons, demons, and levels are done in a retro pixel art style reminiscent of the 90s shooters

Here’s a trailer thus far:

Remember, Dread Templar ain’t out ’til autumn in Early Access, but don’t let that stop you in wishlisting it.