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Double Pug Switch Reveals A Catastrophic Rip In The Timeline

Out this month, Double Pug Switch – surprisingly not a Nintendo Switch exclusive but available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and even mobile.

In this game from Aprioridigital, you take control of Pug Otis, man’s best friend, and equally the Professor’s. After a CATastrophe by the mischievous cat Whiskers (that’s my joke, good, ain’t it?), both Otis and Whiskers get whisked into an alternative dimension.

Double Pug Switch is a side-scrolling game that relies on cat-like reflexes but from the perspective of a dog, as you shift between various dimensions to reach your goal.

Key features include:

  • Dimension-Swapping Action Pug Platforming!
  • 32 levels spread across 4 alternate dimensions
  • 40 unique hats to unlock – Cowboy hat, welders mask, even a brain slug!
  • Become a pugillionaire by collecting gold coins to spend in the hat shop
  • Find the special purple coins hidden in each level to buy the rarest hats
  • Activate power ups to shrink, launch, bounce and accelerate the Pug through the level
  • Earn a purrfect score by running a level without failing once!
  • Includes challenging bonus dimension Whiskers of Wrath for the ultimate test of skill

Check out the trailer for this platform game below:

Double Pug Switch is out for practically every platform from the 20th of October. Look out for a review nearer the time.

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